Awesome Benefits of Teak Leaves For Health

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Efficacy and Teak Leaves For Health Benefits
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Benefits of Teak Leaves For Health

Oak or scientific name Tectona grandis, is a plant that is useful to our lives. This tree can grow big and tall, the wood of the tree is widely used for the benefit of building materials. Teak wood is included in the high-quality wood, so the price is quite expensive. But unfortunately the teak forests in Indonesia, many are reduced as a result of the expansion of land either for residential or agricultural uses. Teak market demand is also higher, while stocks are running low. One of the factors more difficulty in getting these trees are very slow growth teak. Teak is now widely grown in conventional whose main purpose is traded timber.

Teak tree can live for hundreds of years, grows larger diameter can reach 1.8 to 2.5 meters, while the height can reach 40 to 45 meters, trunk round shape and hard. Nice teak teak growth is high, straight and slightly branches. Teak leaf shape is oval and has a width of hair and fur on the bottom. This leaf has traditionally been used as a wrap. Even I myself often use teak leaves this as rice wrappers or containers of rice to eat. Or eat rice wrapped with leaves of teak will produce a distinctive aroma, so that it can increase my appetite. Young teak leaf green color is reddish and has a red sap when squeezed. The red color is widely used for dye.

But did you know, the oak had only taken the wood teak leaves have turned out this store remarkable efficacy for human health.

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Among the chemical compounds that can be beneficial for health include:

  • Saponin
  • Tanin galatin
  • quinone
  • Flavonoids
  • Tanin katekat
  • Steroid / triterpenoid
  • Saponin
  • Quercetin

Efficacy and Teak Leaves For Health Benefits

Maybe you never expected that teak leaves has many benefits for your health. commonly what took from teak tree is the trunks. but this article will change your mind about teak tree. here are the benefits of teak leaves: 
Benefits of Teak Leaves for Healthy Hair

Benefits of Teak Leaves for Healthy Hair

Teak seed has been believed to be used to nourish and grow hair, it is widely practiced in India as medicine traditional hair (hair tonic).

Overcoming cholesterol

The content of tannins, saponins and quercetin may be helpful for lowering cholesterol levels. Scientific, quercetin helpful to improve the performance of the lipase enzyme so that the metabolism can pilid optimally. Saponins serves to remove plaque in blood vessels cause high blood pressure and dilate blood vessels so that blood circulation throughout the body remains smooth. While the content of tannins to inhibit the absorption of nutrients so that the fat is not absorbed by the body. Fat that is not absorbed will come out in the form of feces.

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Lowering Blood Pressure

Mentioned above that the saponins in teak leaves useful for preventing hypertension.

Overcome Anemia

Teak leaf extract is believed to overcome anemia, this has been proven by several studies done by scientists Togo. Stating teak leaf extract tested on mice was able to increase the concentration of hemoglobin, platelets, and hematocrit and reticulocyte levels can increase endurance in young platelets.

Coping with Diabetes

To reduce levels of glucose in the blood can utilize stem bark extract teak.

We encounter many teak trees and leaves are easy to get in rural areas and in forests
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