Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

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Meaning Of Facebook

Facebook is one of the many Social Networks or Social Networking Sites that exist on the web. If you have previously been familiar with MySpace or Friendster, then Facebook was not much different as the two Social Network. Facebook first attended in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg as its founder. In the early days, Facebook is only intended for the students of Harvard University. New in 2005, Facebook opened membership to the school children. A year later, in 2006, Facebook opened membership universally alias anyone, of any hemisphere, people can join Facebook

Benefits of Facebook

Facebook has become the largest social sites today, there are many benefits of facebook that we can use. Here are some benefits of facebook are felt in human life nowadays Ala Koswara:

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  • As Venue For Finding Friends, benefit most noticeably from the star is that we can meet our old friends here.
  • Points of sale, it could be a very effective media campaign. I myself already use facebook by using the Koswara Blogs page as a promotional spot my site.
  • Points of discussion, one of the features on social networking sites this is a group, which serves as a forum. You can talk about anything.
  • As a place for making the connection, for example to find a girlfriend, because in facebook is just we get a girlfriend.
  • As a place Learn And Play, in addition to playing on facebook can also be used to study the science that we have never found before.

Disadvantages Of Facebook

  • Besides having excess facebook also has disadvantages, Here is the loss of facebook by Koswara:
  • Reduce the time you can be effective, because you can play facebook hours.
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  • Pornography, facebook is possible to Poto-Poto spread of pornography.
  • Can not spend your money, could be you playing hours and can spend your money.
  • Terhiraukan not school work, students are willing to ignore the learning-by-play facebook.
  • Work was ignored, workers facebook is so important that the work is often disrupted by facebook.
  • Increase jealousy between husband / wife
  • Cause family feuds, as in facebook status is not changed in accordance with reality. The quarrel could happen to your family as a result of playing facebook.

Advantages Of Facebook

Besides Losses facebook also has the advantage, Here are the advantages of playing facebook ala Koswara:
  • Establish a relationship, Islam encourages us to keep mutual ties between fellow Muslims.
  • A place of learning, lots of learning games here, as a test toefl and others.
  • Refreshing, facebook can be used for a refreshing amid the fatigue of your work at the office, for example, like to play games on facebook.
  • Business, for some people who eyed the business, facebook is a fairly lucrative business fields.
  • A place to vent, facebook can be a means to vent, we just write the sentence  piece in your state column.
  • Practically, facebook has many amenities compared to other networking sites. So it is more practical and complete. Examples of facilities that do not exist in other sites are chatting.

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