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There are many reasons people drink alcohol. Perhaps social benefits of alcohol because they enjoy it, the demands of the Association, or busting stress and last issue of life.

Unfortunately, the drinks are considered this soothes the soul can save a lot of danger for the body if taken in excess levels of healthy organs, especially the liver.

Public consumption of alcoholic beverages is not the community in Indonesia. But for who want to get the benefits of alcohol, it is important to know the exact rate ofconsumption for the sake of avoiding the bad effects.

Drinking alcohol can affect the heart in ways good and bad. On the one hand, research shows that moderate drinking — up to two glasses a day for men and one drinkfor women — can lower the chances affected by heart disease. On the other hand, heavy drinking — either all at once or over time — can damage the liver. Long termuse of alcohol can also cause high blood pressure, which increases the risk of someone affected by heart disease.

According to Dr. F.J. Henk Hendriks (TNO Nutrition and Food Research,Netherlands), consuming alcohol in amounts by measure, the average will be able to raise the levels of hormones. It is believed to help the artery blood.

Consuming alcoholic beverages in amounts to taste can lower the risk of blockage of blood flow in the arterial channels from inflammation, a number of other acids in the blood, and blood clotting. Alcohol is also believed to increase DHEAS (dehydro-epiandrosterone) which has the benefits of smooth blood circulation in the body. DHEAS levels in human body related to the age factor, where the older the age of declining levels of DHEAS.

"A little bit of alcohol may be beneficial, but if too much will obviously be toxic," said Dr. Scott Solomon, a Professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and Director of the non-invansif cardiology at the Brigham, as quoted by Time.

Everyone has different reactions towards alcohol. This can be affected by height, weight, gender, and several other factors. Even what you eat or how much sleep you got that day could provide the difference in reaction to your body.

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Researchers led by Dr. Scott Solomon give a hint about it and has been published in the journal Circulation. The results obtained are not so good. In men, their heart is working harder than in the heart of the non-drinkers. While in females, these changes appear when they start drinking about one glass a day. A clear, more than two glasses per day is the limit for men, and for women, probably lower than that.

When drinking alcohol, the body will subjugate them into the blood stream and distribute it throughout the body. In fact, in any small measure, it will affect every part of the body. Alcohol out of the body through the urine and breath in a small amount.It can also lead to physical and emotional changes that can damage the body and place them in serious danger.

Alcohol is broken down by the liver went to the rest of the body, including the brain. Alcohol can affect parts of the brain that controls movement, judgment, and memory. These effects lead to difficulty walking, talking memory lapses, Lisp, and impulsive behavior. Long term heavy drinking can shrink the frontal lobe of the brain, which interferes with the ability to think.

In addition to the brain, the organ that belongs to very complex is breathtaking. This organ functioning help the digestive process food, filter toxins from the blood, regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, and helps the body fight infections and other diseases attack.

The illustrations such as this, you are downing drinks alcohol, this liquid will be absorbed into the blood stream. Alcohol in high concentrations will pass through the liver before circulating organs throughout the body. Inside there are liver organ cells contain enzymes which change the substance of alcohol into water and carbon dioxide so as not to negatively affect other body parts.

Some liver cells die each time exposed by the substance of alcohol. However, because the liver is an organ that is tough, the heart can easily produce new cells. But the ability of the liver can regenerate these cells will eventually be compromised when you are constantly consuming alcohol in the long term. The result of the liver cannotmanufacture new cells that result in the heart being badly damaged.

An adverse effect not only on drinker, the fetus in womb may also be affected. Pregnant women who are consuming drinks containing alcohol are at risk of giving birth to a baby wiht disabled.

Consuming alcohol can also lead you into danger, as it had an accident due to driving a motor vehicle are inconsiderate due to the influence of alcohol. While being drunk, focus, mind and mind be disturbed so that you can be unconscious violence, such as fighting or hurting other people.

You can also just drop from the ladders being too drunk. Sexual intercourse withoutconscious or doing unsafe sex can also be done when influenced by alcohol.

Many of the at least someone drinking alcohol, can now be measured through gusts of breath. Just by blowing his breath, then it would seem that someone's alcohol levels, whether drunk light, moderate, or intoxicated drunk heavily.

Typically, the measurement of a person's intoxication levels can be measured by looking at the BAC, or Blood Alcohol Concentration. BAC is the percentage of alcohol levels in the blood of a person. At 0.05% BAC, a person's decision to become distracted, at 0.20% BAC, a person tends to have double vision and at 0.40% BAC, a person may be in a coma.

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Natural Ingredients to tackle Drunk

There are several things that can be done and some natural ingredients that can be used to tackle drunk alcohol, namely:


Honey contains fructose which is useful to break down the toxic alcohol element that goes into the body. When people get drunk heavily at night, it is recommended in the morning eat bread added honey because it could be a source of potassium and sodium are also addressing the body for the fight against alcohol.


drinking a glass of milk before drinking alcohol will slow down alcohol absorption by the body.

Zinc and Vitamin B

an enzyme in the liver can convert the alcohol into acetaldehyde, namely, substances that cause facial flushing, headache, and nausea that are theeffects of a hangover. To detoxify this alcohol, liver enzymes require minerals  zinc and B vitamins especially B1.

Drinking water

Dehydration is one of the main side effects of a hangover. Therefore if someone runs out of drinking, then reached home immediately after drinking 500 ml coconut water or plain water. This liquid will help the body as well as increase the amount of electrolytes and glucose levels in the blood.

Orange juice or tomato

fresh fruit juices can overcome the condition of drunkenness. Such as water, fruit juice helps detoxify as well as supplying the water content in the body.

Drink fruit juice because of the sugar content in fruits (fructose) is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream so that it will push up energy in large quantities.

A number of studies show fructose also took part in speeding up the Elimination oftoxins from the body, including the alcohol. Tomato juice and orange is believed tobe the best, because it is also rich in nutrients such as vitamin C.
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