Benefits of Baby Oil for the Body

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Benefits of Baby Oil for the Body
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Baby oil for this is known as the oil serves as a skin moisturizer for baby. But in addition to its main function, who would have thought it turned out a small bottle of baby oil that also had a lot of cheap once the benefits for body and beauty care adults.

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Benefits of Baby Oil for the Body

Do not ever hesitate to apply baby oil on the body. The ingredient is soft from natural ingredients so it is safe to use even for sensitive skin. Here the benefits that you can get from baby oil:

1. Skin moisturizer

Feel confident because the skin you dry, rough and scaly?. This problem is most likely caused because the skin too often affected by exposure to sunlight or too long in the air-conditioned room.
But don't worry, this can be resolved easily. Simply apply the baby oil on the dry and scaly skin on a regular basis. With the use of baby oil, the skin will awake its humid, protected from pollution as well as direct glow of ultraviolet light thanks to the benefits of vitamin E contained in baby oil. The end result, the skin will become softer, non risk of irritation and redness.

2. Complementary while bathing

In order to keep skin beautiful, healthy, smooth, and awake its humid, you can use baby oil as a complement when showering. Combine two cups of pure milk and a spoon of baby oil into the bathtub, and heated for 20 minutes. The skin will be more beautiful, smooth and the body will feels more fresh.

3. Blend wraps

Baby oil can serve as a substitute for olive oil is commonly used to mix a concoction of body scrub, moisturizing and serves to facilitate the discharge of impurities on the skin.

Baby Oil as Lubricant for massage
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Baby oil is a lubricant or a good lubricant for massage. The substance helps soften and reduce wrinkles on the skin.

5. stretch mark Treatments

Massage with baby oil on the area of stretch marks every day, the skin will become smoother and stretch mark will start to disappear.

6. residual Cleanser makeup

You need not be afraid to use baby oil as a facial cleanser. This way is safe and will not make the facial pores are clogged. Apply baby oil to your face using cotton with a light movement and rotate slowly, then the rest of the makeup on the face will stick in cotton. The same method can also be made to clean the makeup on eyes.

7. Hair Moisturizer

Not necessarily with expensive salon treatments to get beautiful hair. Easy maintenance you can do yourself at home with baby oil slathered on the whole hair, but note not to rub it on the scalp. Then wrap the hair with a towel moistened with water already hot. Let sit for 15 minutes and then wash it. If this ritual is done regularly, the hair you will awake its humid so it becomes soft, healthy, and shiny.

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8. Protective hair

Applying baby oil on your hair before swimming can protect hair from the chlorine content in the pool water which can endanger the health of the hair. Baby oil will wrap the hair, avoiding direct contact with harmful chemicals, so that the hair will be maintained from dryness and damage.

9. A mixture of shampoo and natural conditioner

Provide 1 egg yolk of free-range chicken in the container, shake until frothy. Then input 1 teaspoon baby oil and 1 cup of water and then mix well. Massage on the scalp and apply on the hair strands, then rinse until clean. The hair will be healthier.

Baby Oil For Lip moisturizer
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10. Baby Oil For Lip moisturizer

Chapped lips allow the occurrence of irritation and pain while talking or eating. With chapped lips, the appearance will be no maximum. This problem can be avoided by applying baby oil around the lips regularly every day. The lips will looks wet and far from cracked.

11. sole Moisturizer

The sole of the foot cracked can be overcome with baby oil. Simply apply the baby oil on the area cracked and the soles of the feet will be fine again.

12. ear Cleanser

Clean the ear with cotton swabs soaked with using baby oil, then the dirt on dirt-ear ear will be lost and become clean.

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13. Nail care

Baby oil can also be used to moisturize the nails before manicures and pedicures.

14. Accelerate the growth of eyebrows

A car accident happened when shaving the eyebrows, not to worry. The baby oil rubbed on the eyebrows will accelerate its growth.

Well, from now on do not hurt right save a small bottle of baby oil for everyday use. You can get a body and beauty treatments that are safe at low prices and economical. Baby oil is also easily obtained in the shops nearby. Good luck.
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